Medalist's new specialty pellets for horses consists of barley sprouts, alfalfa, oat hay, and Timothy Grass. Barley sprouts are a fresh, vertically farmed feed that is processed into pellets within a day of harvest. 
The sprout pellets have vet-recommended optimal protein with 50% more energy than alfalfa hay. Because the barley sprout the energy sources are slow-release and easily digestible, this feed lowers the risk of colic and founder. It is a better feed for your horses.

Protein: 12%

Fat: 2.5%

ADF: 30%

NDF: 42%

Calcium min: 0.7%

Calcium max: 1.3%

Phosphorus min: 0.30%

Magnesium min: 0.40%

Selenium min: 0.20ppm

Zinc min: 30ppm

*Available in 50# bags or bulk super sacks


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