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High fat, calorie dense supplement for working horses and hard keepers. Empower® Boost is a special blend of fat and select nutrients to give your horse a leg up to work harder, train longer, and perform better. Great for hard keepers to help maintain weight and for performance horses needing to sustain energy levels. Highly digestible fat from vegetable sources provides extra calories to support performance, endurance, and weight gain. Flaxseed and high fat rice bran provide balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which aid in reducing the effects of stress. Concentrated calories and high fat to support healthy weight, skin health, shiny coat and overall bloom. Added Vitamin E and selenium levels provide antioxidant benefits. Added prebiotics and probiotics, backed by research, aid in nutrient absorption and digestive health. Feed Empower Boost Supplement to:Hard keepers or underweight horses. Horses in heavy training, Performance horses and racehorses. Horses requiring nutritional support for tying up.

12%                         8%                               22%

Crude Protein            Max Crude Fiber           Crude Fat



SKU: 7613
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