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CattlActive® is a Prebiotic

  • By definition, CattlActive® is a prebiotic because the formula has a pH of 10.8 – 11; an alkaline environment provides support to the beneficial microbe population in the rumen.
  • CattlActive® does not contain live microbes such as those that probiotics contain.
  • Experts report it is challenging to clearly show probiotic effectiveness in the commercial feed yard setting. Introducing microbes into an environment where those same microbes are dying is the cause of this.
  • Prebiotics allow microbes to rebound more quickly during times of stress and also to remain more stable.
  • Prebiotics can help the rumen maintain efficient digestion and minimize digestive upsets, preventing bad bacteria from dominating and causing immune challenges.
  • Prebiotics can minimize the impact of heat stress by stabilizing pH.
  • Prebiotic research indicates there is also less inflammation and improved nutrient absorption along with less “leaky gut” symptoms.
  • Prebiotics provide support to the microbes allowing them to recover faster after a stress event. Many of the disease-causing organisms are opportunistic; increasing growth rates of the beneficial microbes prevent these disease-causing organisms from dominating.
  • Salmonella, E. Coli, and Clostridium all flourish during stress events. This is caused by an increase of Lactic Acid in the rumen caused by stress.
  • Balancing pH and supporting the beneficial microbes during a stress event will keep these bad bacteria from dominating.
  • CattlActive® is the fastest acting prebiotic on the market when given orally, provides support to the microbes that are necessary for rumen health.
  • CattlActive® RA provides prolonged support to the rumen microbes allowing time to adjust to the changes in diet and populate rapidly. This increase in beneficial rumen microbe population increases utilization of feedstuffs and reduces the population of disease-causing organisms.

Available in 125ml, 250ml, 1/2 Gallon bottles.

Cattl Active

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